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The NACS/PCATS WeCare Data Security Program outlines an easy-to-implement risk reduction program for small operators that achieves a base level of data security without incurring significant costs. Members of the PCATS Data Security Committee developed this program based on their combined experience in data security and c-store operations.

This program provides simple guidelines and best practices to significantly reduce the risk of breaches. Though these steps alone do not meet any particular security mandate or standard, it provides a foundation for integrating higher levels of data security into your store operations.

The WeCare Program includes guidance documents and best practices to address several types of threats, educational resources and webinars tailored to meet the needs of retailers. The Best Practices Dispenser Security Guide (PDF) was created with the cooperation and assistance of Dresser Wayne, Gilbarco Veeder-Root and concerned retailers. This guide is intended to provide informed suggestions to fuel retailers on how to on how to enhance the payment card security of unattended payment terminals at fuel dispensers.

WeCare Decals
NACS offers tamper-evident labels critical tool to assist the retailer in implementing the recommended practices for securing the card handling environment described in the PCI Convenience Store Employee Data Security Training Manual (PDF), which can help retailers identify potential security breaches if the device is opened by an unauthorized person and skimming devices are inserted at fuel dispensers, system devices or other unattended PIN-entry devices. 

The security labels are to be used on any access door and are designed to span access door and terminal body. If the label is lifted to insert a skimming device, a "void" message appears on the label, providing a visual alert to store employees so that additional action can be taken. Because the labels clearly indicate that they are to prevent tampering, the labels help assure customers that their data is secure, and discourage criminals targeting the store.

Learn what steps major payment companies are taking to protect themselves.

See how NACS can help protect your business against skimming.


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PCI Compliance
The PCI Security Standard is a global information security standard created to help businesses that process card payments prevent credit card fraud.

Learn more about our partner at www.pcats.org


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Central to the our new security education and training program are tamper-evident labels, which can help retailers identify potential security breaches.

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